Primary & Preventive Care, Internal Medicine, Urgent Care:

On-site services:

  • Lab
  • EKG
  • Pulmonary function studies
  • Women’s health
  • Employment physical exam
  • School physical exam
  • Sports physical exam
  • Immigration physical exam
  • Office-based skin procedures (aesthetic treatment, laser treatment)
  • Flu shot & other immunizations
  • Drug screening

When you work for a living, you sometimes need more specialized work-related health services. Our work-related health services include:

Pre-employment health exams
Some employers require you to have a physical exam by a physician before you can accept an offer of employment. These exams typically screen you for major health problems such as heart disease and respiratory problems as well as any physical requirements related to the performance of that particular job.

Drug screening & alcohol screening
Drug use and excessive drinking can severely impede your performance at work. Some employers require all employees to have regular drug screening to identify drug abuse problems. Other employers require regular alcohol screening, as well. Some do both. These screenings are meant to protect current employees from on-the-job accidents and injuries as much as they protect employers from damage caused by impaired workers.

Work-related physicals
If your work involves any kind of physical labor, your employer or a prospective employer may require a work-related physical exam to determine whether you are capable of performing the duties and tasks of a particular job.

Travel medicine
This is an important service for business executives and others who travel for work and spend time in foreign countries. Air travel and globalization have facilitated the spread of many diseases. Over 600 million people travel internationally, and many are exposed to deadly foreign diseases such as malaria, yellow fever and meningitis. Travel medicine seeks to protect travelers from these and other diseases specific to regions of the world where they visit.

The board-certified primary care and internal medicine physicians at Park Primary Care work with local employers and employees to provide the travel medicine services they need. We welcome patients from Cary, Raleigh, Morrisville, Wake Forest, Apex and nearby areas.